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Doses of Encouragement

Psalm 32

Sin. A little word with big influence. It’s not a word we like to use. In fact, I’d much rather dismiss it; especially, my own! But what happens when we ignore sin?


According to David, we are naturally bent toward keeping silent and trying to hide our sin. Or we try to normalize it so that it may be accepted; even justified. We sure don’t want to feel guilty (v. 3)! And when we do this, there are consequences. David tells of bones wasting away. Burning up and crumbling as our strength dries up and we live in sorrow. Our bodies quite literally bear the impact. Like, for real, stress literally leads to our bones wasting away (it’s a whole pathophysiology thing – give me a call if you want the details ). (v. 4)


We try so hard to avoid feeling guilty. But feelings are a gift from God – ALL of them – even guilt. They give insight into the will of God through the still small voice of God. We can accept the gifts, or turn them away. But beware. There will be a time when we have waited too long to seek the Lord and we will be left with the unintended consequences of ignoring, justifying; enjoying our sin. Consequences that wear on our bodies, minds, and spirits. (v. 4)


Let’s hear and heed truth. Let us hear and heed wise counsel. Do we really want to be jerked around by our stubborn resistance? NO!! (vv. 5-10)


Choose this day with me! Choose to lay at the foot of the cross the sin that brings guilt, shame; all the imaginings we have about what we think might happen if “they” knew. Truth is, He knows. He loves. He justifies. He redeems and restores.


Today, let’s be wrapped in the, “…steadfast love [that] surrounds the one who trusts the LORD. Be glad in the LORD, and rejoice, O righteous, and shout for joy…” that we may be, “upright in heart!” (vv. 10-11)

Cindi Raymond

Author, Speaker, Leadership Mentor

I am a follower of Jesus Christ, wife, mother, and grandmother with a heart for women to know God intimately, love Him deeply and serve Him on purpose. With Proverbs 20:5 as my life mission, I encourage generations of women to acknowledge and fulfill their anointing.

Passion and Purpose

I have a deep desire to draw the hearts of women to the heart of God by promoting Biblical literacy and disciple-making. Though the road has had more than a few bumps and detours, I have learned to navigate leadership with humility. With a gift for conference speaking, mentoring, and consulting; my purpose is in challenging women to discover, acknowledge and live-out their purpose with intentionality. One of my biggest strengths lies in the ability to “keep things real” – I bring simplicity to the complex and joy in the mundane.

Blessings in Disguise


Have you ever had a blessing in disguise? Our biggest blessings often come disguised in hard times, difficult circumstances, broken relationships, or shattered dreams, but the Bible promises us that He will turn all things good for those who love the Lord. This is the hope believers cling to when the storm is so treacherous that we can’t see the next step. These stories will bring you hope and encourage you to look for your own blessings in disguise.

Blessing In Disguise

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