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Doses of Encouragement

Psalm 6
Even in the depths of agony, David is confident in God to hear.
We can’t tell in this Psalm what the source of David’s malady was, but we can presume it was both physical and spiritual. Verse 2 ends with, “…for my bones are troubled.” and verse 3 follows with, “My soul is greatly troubled…” Ever been there? Have you ever been in that place of physical anguish and spiritually heartsick? I have. Those times when the raging fire of rheumatoid arthritis warred against my body, bringing me to the brink of despondence. I can relate when David describes his tear-soaked bed and couch and pleads for his enemies to depart (vv. 6-8). Can you?
I can also relate when David confidently declares, “The LORD has heard…and accepts my prayer.” (v. 9). Can you?
Perhaps your grieving is over a physical ailment. Perhaps your soul hurts with the conviction of sin. Perhaps you do not know God. No matter, He is waiting for you and me. He is waiting for us to boldly approach the throne of grace in the name of the Son as we recognize our needy state, repent of our sins, and are restored to right relationship with Him.
He will hear – will you speak? Will you BELIEVE?

Cindi Raymond

Author, Speaker, Leadership Mentor

I am a follower of Jesus Christ, wife, mother, and grandmother with a heart for women to know God intimately, love Him deeply and serve Him on purpose. With Proverbs 20:5 as my life mission, I encourage generations of women to acknowledge and fulfill their anointing.

Passion and Purpose

I have a deep desire to draw the hearts of women to the heart of God by promoting Biblical literacy and disciple-making. Though the road has had more than a few bumps and detours, I have learned to navigate leadership with humility. With a gift for conference speaking, mentoring, and consulting; my purpose is in challenging women to discover, acknowledge and live-out their purpose with intentionality. One of my biggest strengths lies in the ability to “keep things real” – I bring simplicity to the complex and joy in the mundane.

Blessings in Disguise


Have you ever had a blessing in disguise? Our biggest blessings often come disguised in hard times, difficult circumstances, broken relationships, or shattered dreams, but the Bible promises us that He will turn all things good for those who love the Lord. This is the hope believers cling to when the storm is so treacherous that we can’t see the next step. These stories will bring you hope and encourage you to look for your own blessings in disguise.

Blessing In Disguise

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