No More Lies

No More Lies: Are You Listening

“Therefore, as the Holy Spirit says, ‘Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion, on the day of testing in the wilderness’” Hebrews 3:7-8 (ESV)

Tricky, Tricky


My mind can play tricks on me. Living during a time of social distancing and isolation, I have found that I have needed to be intentional with my thoughts. Keeping them stayed on God’s truth. When I don’t, I doubt. When I doubt, I drift. When I drift, I fail. When I fail, I feel tempted to give up. Then the still small voice of the Holy Spirit whispers gently,


“My sweet friend. I love you and am so sorry that you are embattled with the lies that come against you. I know that you know who you are and that is beautiful. In your quest to understand why, however, you open the door to Satan’s lies. He has led you astray before and God has shown you the error of the things Satan has put in your mind from those times.


“The ‘you don’t measure up lie’ is THE biggest snare that Satan traps you in. It takes over your mind and consumes your heart – it paralyzes you.”





The truth is, as a child of God, you know where to run. So, sprint to His promises…


He will restore (2 Timothy).


He will free you from this oppression (Exodus).


He wants you to have excited anticipation for His promises and to be free of fear to receive His blessings (Leviticus).


He will give you victory because you have learned how to develop the courage necessary to be completely obedient to God (Joshua).


He will not let you be labeled a failure because, like David, you have a heart for God 

(2 Samuel).


He will fill your every need; when He asks you to give up “treasures” and live with ridicule, rejection, and hardship, He protects you (Nehemiah).


He is your wisdom and wise counsel, and because you know Him and His Word, He has given you all that is needed to live out His divine wisdom (Proverbs).


He will never reject you, and by doing God’s work, God’s way, you can have confidence that your efforts are not in vain (Jeremiah).


He has made you sensitive to sin so that it can be rooted out where it has taken a foothold, and worship brings you into perfect fellowship with Him (Ezekiel).


He knows it takes faith to trust Him with the plan – to trust Him with the pieces that don’t seem to fit and make things right when they don’t make sense. He promises to be faithful and just – in that He gives great hope and assurance (Habakkuk).


He has kept his promises in the past, which assures you He will keep His promises in the future (Zechariah).


And He tells you that all will fall short – you will fail, BUT He promises that your failure is not final. He gives hope (Malachi).


His Word is rich, and it screams, ‘I love, love, love you.’


Are You Listening


I know that you know all these things because you have written them in your heart, BUT GOD compelled me to put them in writing for you to encourage your heart today.


Friends, if you’re like me and have ever struggled with doubt, if you too have wanted to give up, let me encourage you today to be intentional in reading God’s Word. His Word is a best friend who loves you enough to say what is needed; rather, than what is wanted. Each book points to hope – the inexplicable hope of Jesus Christ – if only you believe.


I pray blessings on you and all whom you encounter.


For Reflection:


A Bible Study friend once said that most people would get up early to pick up a friend at the airport; it shouldn’t be that difficult to get up a little early to spend time with Jesus (K. Powers). How are you intentional in spending time in God’s Word?


What lies are you tempted to believe that stop you from pursuing God’s call on your life?


How does spending regular time with the LORD change your perspective(s)?

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