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Looking for someone to speak at your upcoming event? I’m a nationally known speaker with a passion for encouraging women to know God intimately, love Him deeply, and serve Him on purpose. I can meet your event needs through customized sessions or through my preplanned interactive and engaging sessions listed below.

Preplanned Interactive and Engaging Sessions


All sessions are modifiable to meet your needs. I can also meet your event needs through customized sessions.

God's Will and Biblical Decision-Making

Have you ever struggled with making a decision? Wondering if your decision will be the “right” one? Wondering if it is aligned with God’s will for you and your life?


This 60-minute session is designed to discover what the Bible says about God’s will. Using practical tools of Biblical decision-making, participants learn to rest in the assurance that it is His will they pursue.


This session can be completed individually by Cindi or in conjunction with Karen Wisniewski.

The Power of Surrender

Anyone out there want to feel in control? I do. What if surrendering all is the very thing that gives us the control we seek?

Take a walk with me during this 30-minute session as we explore the strength found in submission. Based in Romans 7:4, we will discover leadership principles found in belonging to Jesus Christ.

Have a Mountaintop View From the Valley

Have you ever felt wiped out – like there isn’t one spark of joy in your body? Is everything/everyone around you falling apart? Are you asking, “How can I be joyful amid sadness, despair and hurt?”


Rooted in 1 Peter 4:12-16, this 60-minute session explores what God says about finding joy even in the suffering.

Gifted Girls – Transforming Faith

Yes, Lord I believe. I place my trust in You. But, what does that look like? This 60-minute session is a journey through James 1:17. Ladies, we will learn what God’s Word shows us about living a life of genuine faith – a faith that transforms so that we not only live out our giftings; we attract the hearts of others to the heart of God. 

Behind the Curtain: Come and See What My God has Done!

Rooted in Hebrews 6:19, this 60-minute session is a shared testimony designed to give you a glimpse behind the curtain of an ordinary girl – scared, lost, and wandering – who has been incredibly blessed by binding her will to the will of our Creator.


Anchored on the Rock, she becomes fearlessly determined to stand on His promises, go where He leads, Serve as He calls, and share His glory with all who have ears to hear.

Through the Eyes of a Mother

God used a teenaged girl to bring Jesus into the world and redeem humanity. But, it wasn’t about the girl. It was about what God was doing through her AND the example she set for women as she gave God her, “Yes.”


This 30-minute monologue is an artistic representation of the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus through the eyes of Mary. Perfect for the Advent Season or the Season of the Passion.

Your Worth Is Found in God

What if we could truly believe that our worth is not found in the opinion of others – or our own opinion for that matter?

As women we often judge ourselves against worldly standards and fail to see God’s beauty in us. And even if we do see something good in or about us, we certainly want to be humble – don’t want to appear egotistical.

This 60-minute session walks women through a deeper understanding of the Great I AM and discovery of who God says that I am.

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